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Blue owl tutors

Give your child the tools for success!


We are offering online tutoring for all subjects through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. Contact for more info and discounts.

Here at Blue Owl Tutors, all of our tutors excel in their respective subjects and are at the top of their class. They are fun and engaging students who specialize the material they teach to fit the interests and personality of your children. By working together, they foster the strong study skills necessary to achieve success not only in current academics, but in the future as well!

Study skills
for the future

Learning the skills for a specific course is great. But here at Blue Owl Tutors, not only do we teach you the skills and knowledge to succeed in your classes, we go past that. One of our main focuses is to teach student excellent study skills, skills that they will not only use in school and upper academics, but also in life.

Every student requires
a unique approach to learning

Every child learns in a unique way, with different needs and skills. Unfortunately, students' individual needs are often compromised in large groups and classrooms, limiting their ability to achieve their full potential. At Blue Owl Tutors, we tailor every lesson to what best suits your child. By adapting to his or her personality, learning style, strengths and weaknesses, we can best help your child develop and find success as a student.

student on student
tutoring & mentoring

No one understands a student like a fellow student. We believe students benefit greatly from working with their peers, who can relate to them and explain concepts in ways that they can better understand. However, our tutors are not simply tutors, but mentors as well. By sharing personal experience and advice on a peer-to-peer level, they encourage your child's growth both as a student and as an individual. 

Top college entrance
exam prep

College admissions are tough. Entrance exams such as the SAT are critical in making your child a competitive candidate. Our tutors are top scorers who will target critical areas of improvement and help your child develop the knowledge and test-taking skills needed to score high on the exam.

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